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'A huge thank you to Tania for getting my mojo back.  I have struggled with my weight since goodness knows when, I had lost my confidence and after several CBT sessions with Tania, she suggested retraining my appetite.  Well 4 months later, I am now one stone 3 lbs the lighter, a clothes size down and feeling fabulous and confident.  Not to give the game away but -3 +3 was key and recognising the habits. Highly recommend this enjoyable process .'  

"My experience has been uplifting and has allowed me to cope with my situation. Tania is so patient, kind and understanding and I am truly grateful to her for helping me through a difficult time in my life

"Thank you Tania for your support. Tania was a fantastic help with my OCD. Her therapy is challenging yet supportive and designed to suit your individual needs. It has greatly helped me and I would highly recommend her therapy"
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