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Dealing with Worry

I have a passion for helping people with Generalised Anxiety Disorder - which is a very common disorder characterised by excessive worry. CBT treatment usually starts with some worry awareness training, which involves helping the client recognise the nature of their worries (for example; hypothetical or potential), then treatment moves on to increasing tolerance to uncertainty by changing behaviours such as avoidance, procrastination and reassurance seeking. Next is studying the function of worry and exploring and challenging common misconceptions ('worry prepares me....worry prevents bad things from happening' etc). We then look at problem solving as when client worries this often overwhelms them, stopping them from making decisions. Lastly we look at addressing cognitive avoidance and facing some of the worst imagined experiences with imaginal exposure scripts. This treatment model has been shown to have a very good evidence base in research and I have found it to be an effective treatment model in my clinic. Here is a link to some further reading on managing worry:

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Stop Procrastination with CBT

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